What is the cost of forklift truck training?

If you are looking to earn a living by driving a forklift, your first question may be whether you need any training. The truth is that in most countries you don’t need any specific training in order to legally drive a forklift. In certain employment situations, however, it is best to have either some sort of significant experience with a forklift, or to have a certification by a forklift instructional course verifying that you have taken and completed a course on proper forklift operations; this will help you get a job over having no experience. The question you may have is how much does forklift truck training cost.

In most cases, this is going to depend upon where you live. For example, a standard forklift truck training course in the United States will cost anywhere from $200-$400. In Canada, the price for forklift training is going to be about C$200-C$400. In the United Kingdom, if you’re interested in forklift training you’ll end up paying around £300 to £400.

The only significant difference is with forklift training in Australia. Depending on what organization you take your course from, your costs can be anywhere from AU$250 upwards of AU$600. In addition, you are required to have a license in Australia known as a Work Cover. You will also be responsible for the fee to get this license and the cost is AU$65.

Lastly, it’s important that if you are looking for a job as a forklift truck operator and that particular position requires experience, knowing the forklift truck training cost and knowing where to take one of these courses is going to help you qualify for the job. If, however, you are currently working for a company that requires you to have forklift truck training, you need to coordinate with your employer. Often times your employer will either sponsor you or pick up the tab for the training course as it relates to your job description.

Now that you understand the forklift truck training costs, you will be better prepared if you find that you need this type of training in order to advance at your present job, or perhaps to meet the requirements for a new job. With many options for this type of training, all you need to do is have the money in hand and attend a training program for forklift truck operation.